Taurus & Pisces

Taurus Pisces

 Taurus Compatibility with Pisces

Earth and water in this combination make for a fascinating relationship.  Pisces will show their love in ways you have never even imagined, and may never fully understand.  This partnership is based on true sensitivity and emotional closeness.  Pisces has a wonderful imagination, but they also have a tendency to keep their heads in the clouds, where you are very much down-to-earth.  The only issues that may cause friction are in the area of finance.  Your Pisces mate is the most generous of the zodiac, and you may have difficulty in understanding why they will give all they have to charity, or anyone they believe is in need; but be warned, Pisces is naive and may fall prey to con artists.  You will have to be the one in charge of the finances.  Other than that one little thing, this union can feel like you're living a fairy tale.

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