Taurus & Libra

Taurus Libra

 Taurus Compatibility with Libra

Earth and air.  Physically, this union has a lot of excitement, but this is also a trying combination for you. Libra's love of constant chatter, indecisiveness and love of social get-togethers may annoy you in the long term.  You'll certainly feel loved, because loyal Libra is ruled by the heart with excellent empathic abilities. Your Libra finds anger a scary emotion, so you will have to find quieter ways of expressing any negative feelings because Libra would rather bolt, but only for a short while, rather than get involved in a heated argument with you.  You are absolutely charmed by Libra.  You are both long-term partner types, and this combination can work well, if Libra can stop talking long enough to give you some quiet time, and if you can be more flexible and patient with their chronic indecision.

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