Gemini & Virgo

Gemini Virgo

 Gemini Compatibility with Virgo

Air and earth, astrologically speaking, don't make the easiest relationships, but you are both governed by Mercury.  This means you should communicate well, the problem is that you are so fast thinking that poor Virgo may not keep up, although they will understand everything you say.  You may be analytical, but Virgo is an adept analyzer, plus they have an amazing ability to focus their thoughts.  You will always need to be up front and honest with the sign, because they figure things out.  Virgo is the master of criticism and you will not appreciate that; you will however love their great organizational skill and most especially, their passion for you.  This relationship can be good, but you would have to give up your wandering ways, or use your adorable, adolescent charm to convince Virgo to accept it.

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