Gemini & Scorpio

Gemini Scorpio

 Gemini Compatibility with Scorpio

Air and water, a difficult affair.  Scorpio is by far, the dominate partner in this union.  They prefer life in the shell and are introverted and secretive; they prefer routine and staying at home.  Scorpio is passionate, but overly obsessive and much too jealous for freedom-loving Gemini.  While Scorpio loves your flexibility, and your amazing talent to change with any circumstance, change makes Scorpio uncomfortable.  The Scorpion is deeply sensitive, so be careful when expressing yourself, because an angry Scorpio gives off a deadly sting. You are mutable, and will be the more submissive partner.  Scorpio can be cynical, sexual, suspicious, and moody; if they feel you've forced them into a corner, they're willing and capable of using any method, even manipulation, as a means to gain what they desire. This relationship can work if you are willing to accept Scorpio's emotional highs and lows.  It will never be an easy relationship, you're both much too different, Scorpio is the dominant one, so Gemini must be willing to be submissive. 

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