Gemini & Libra

Gemini Libra

 Gemini Compatibility with Libra

Air and air, and this combination is written in the stars.  Your Libra will love you like crazy.  Air signs do well together, and Libra offers you a true soul connection.  Just like you, Libra is intellectual, refined and optimistic, and the two of you are able to communicate intuitively.  Your conversations will never run dry, as both of you could chatter on for hours, about anything.  Both of you are highly social and prefer the finest things.  Your Libra is ruled by Venus, The Goddess of Love and Beauty, and Libra has all those qualities.  You are the dominant sign in this union.  A life with Libra is jet-set, which you love; both signs attract admirers, but easy-going Libra will love you without conditions.  Your highly sexy and sensual coupling is completely uninhibited, experimental and playful; and this combination of sun signs makes for the most popular couples. You are radiantly happy together and make a very good-looking couple, many will be envious of your relationship.  Gemini is just about everything a Libra wants and needs, and your Libra is everything a Gemini could wish for.  If you were looking for your soulmate, you've found them.

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