Gemini & Cancer

Gemini Cancer

 Gemini Compatibility with Cancer

Air with water, and these two elements typically have struggles in love unions.  The fact that both these signs are empathic really helps to overcome some of the other issues, if both partners are willing to work towards making the other happy.  Some of the issues you'll face in this relationship deal with your fun and childish immaturity, plus the fact that you enjoy being wildly adventurous.  Cancer prefers staying home and will create a rather comfortable sanctuary for you, which you appreciate to some extent.  You may become a bit bored with homebody life and find it suffocating.  To make this combination work, your Crab will need to be coaxed out of it's shell more often, and you will have to create a more stable and mature attitude, especially with finances.  Go with Cancer's calmer flow and this could work.

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