Gemini & Aries

Gemini Aries

 Gemini Compatibility with Aries

Air feeds fire, and while the both of you may bore easily, you will never tire of each other's company.  The Aries prefers to take the leadership role, but you are a mutable sign and really don't care about being the boss.  Together, you work well in business; it's your curiosity mixed with Aries innovation that can literally create mountains from a just a grain of sand.  The only real issues in this union may be Aries impatience, because they do seem to always be in a rush with little time to stop and breathe, and your tempers.  While you can be a bit of a hothead at times, Aries anger is expressed loudly and hotly, like a stick of dynamite. You will charm and amaze Aries in many ways.  This is a wonderful and exciting combination for love.

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