Aries & Scorpio
Aries Scorpio


 Aries Compatibility with Scorpio

Fire and water.  Both of you are influenced by Mars, the God of War and this makes for a very exciting and passionate union, however, things will tend to get loud.  You are both highly dominant signs and that's where you will find most of your struggles.  Another area of concern is jealousy, and it will be a lot of work for you to lift Scorpio from the deep recesses of insecurity.  Scorpio prefers to hide inside the safety of it's shell; you would rather seek adventure.  Aries, you may find this combination very taxing, but if you are willing to step back and allow Scorpio to take the lead, and give your full attention to them, and their emotional highs and lows, you will have a relationship that is comfortable, yet exciting. 

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