Aries & Capricorn
Aries Capricorn


 Aries Compatibility with Capricorn

Fire and earth together will have you learning to be patient.  You have little in common, but that's not the real issue.  You may tire of the structure that Capricorn needs to feel secure, and a stable environment can become a bit too dull for you over the long haul.  Things will move at a slow pace with an earth sign, and especially with a Capricorn, but you can expect a steady progression.  Your naturally more dominant and can expect to be the one in charge, but you will have to be a very gentle leader, so as not to upset your cautious and sensitive Capricorn.  This union is great for you in business, because Capricorn can organize your wildest ideas and bring your dreams to fruition.  Slow down your fast pace and love will succeed. 

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