About Scorpio
About Scorpio

Scorpio, the Scorpion  

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and symbolized by the Scorpion, who's venomous sting can be deadly, so others should beware and be aware before inciting your anger; and you usually win every bloody battle you participate in. Much like the scorpion, you are are tough, both inside and out; you are survivalists and always very much in control, and you prefer to live under cover, in the darkness. You are a highly dominant sign and will do whatever it takes to win, and you always like be the one in charge; sometimes you must be secretly controlling to keep the upper hand, and may use manipulation. Scorpio is an adept investigator and has a no-nonsense approach to gaining information, but due to their addictive nature, they must beware of developing stalking behaviors. You are passionate in every way, and over every thing; you think in terms of black and white, with no room at all for the shades of gray in between, so you either love something to death, or you hate it... to the death. Yours is not one of the social signs, as you prefer to be in your own space. Your possessiveness can be off-putting to some of the other astrological signs and many will consider your jealousy flattering in the beginning stages of a relationship, but find it suffocating later. Scorpio is highly intuitive and a fascinating sign emotionally, because they experience feelings deeply, but due to their mood swings and pessimistic natures, they have a tendency towards major depression and other mental health issues. You may be stubborn, controlling and secretive, but you are also intensely passionate and filled with desire. Sexy Scorpio, you are the Sexual Master of the zodiac.

Your ruling planets are Mars, the God of War, and Pluto, King of the Underworld. This planetary combination creates some pretty intense energy. Mars is masculine, dominant and strong-willed; also known to be fearless, energetic, aggressive, brave and swift. Those born under this influence are fierce competitors and usually win any challenge they choose to engage in. Pluto's is karmic, vengeful and cruel. Scorpio, you are a strong and capable warrior, anyone who dares cross you will be met with your wrath; you are not one to back off, but rather fight to the death, and you usually win. You have excellent survival skills, and can thank your amazing resourcefulness on Pluto's chaotic influence; karmic Pluto offers you the ability to use sexual expression as a creative force; beauty from chaos.

Your element is Earth and you love to engage in the world around you through your five senses, and most especially, sexual. You have a tendency to feel competitive with every aspect of your life, especially in love, but that's because you put everything you have into any goal you set out to accomplish. You are naturally inquisitive and intuitive.

Tuesdays are your luckiest day of the week with early morning as your luckiest hours; your number is nine. Scarlet, the color of your ruling planet Mars, is also your color, and your astrological birthstone is the topaz. The flowers associated with Scorpio are the Chrysanthemum, which means, "mysteries unfolding", and the Deadly Nightshade, because like them, you are full of surprises.

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