About Pisces
About Pisces

Aries, the Ram  

It's no wonder that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, for you are always putting others before you. You are symbolized by a pair of Fish because you tend to go with the flow, but those fish are also moving in opposite directions which means that it is difficult for you to choose which path to take, though, in your case, both paths lead to the same peaceful place. Pisces tend to be wise, old souls and have a calming, nurturing effect on the other signs. You are one of the chameleons of the zodiac, but you are the Astrological Mystic.

Your ruling planets are Jupiter, King of the Gods and Neptune, God of the Sea. Jupiter influences luck and joviality, and is associated with growth and prosperity. He was a Roman God symbolized by the thunderbolt and the Eagle, the representative leader of birds. His brother, Neptune, also a Roman God is symbolized by the Horse, because he helped Athena create the chariot. Together these energies impart an air of fantasy, but it's recipients are also spiritual, compassionate, empathic and altruistic.

Your element is Water which influences the emotions. This element indicates an acute intuition and heightened sensitivity. Your feelings run deep, and this is one of the reasons why you are so empathic, and care for others at a level unknown to the rest of humanity. You are self-sacrificing and extremely gentle. You wrap your loving arms around the world so you can bring comfort to each one of it's creatures.

Thursdays are your luckiest day of the week and the evening hours are your luckiest; your number is seven. Sea greens and corals, which are the colors found in the ocean are also your colors, and your astrological birthstone is the aquamarine. The flower associated with Pisces is the water lily.

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