About Libra
About Libra

Libra, the Scales  

Libra, you are the seventh sign of the zodiac, and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the smooth seductress who enjoys excess pleasures. Libra is the sign of Partnership. You are symbolized by the Scales of Justice. You believe in fairness and have the inborn ability to see all sides of people and situations, plus you are highly empathic, the very reasons why you have difficulty making decisions. The scales speak of balance, and in your world, you seek to create balance. This is especially evident in your personal relationships as you tend to follow the leader, mirroring their treatment of you, so as to keep balance in your relationship. You simply adore everything that's beautiful, and while some of the signs fall in love with their eyes, or even with their brains, you fall crazy in love with your ears. Beautiful words are like music to you, especially when they are singing your praises; with you, flattery goes a long way. Libras are known for their sensuality, elegance, charm and beauty. You're a lover of the finest things life has to offer. Libras are Goddesses of Love and Beauty, and usually not the Domestic Goddesses of Cooking and Cleaning; it's a rarity to find one who does housework under this sun sign, as Libras do not like to get their hands dirty and prefer (actually, they need) to be taken care of. You have excellent manners and taste, are highly attracted to shiny objects, and love perfumes, music, flowers and exquisite pieces of art. Libras have an amazing energy and require less sleep than all of the other astrological signs, so they appear to accomplish a great deal in a short time. Libra is known to be strong-willed, the iron fist in the velvet glove; she finds cruelty and vulgarity distasteful, and rather than engage in arguments, she will use her diplomacy to bring about a harmonious resolution; in cases where peace is not possible, she will leave. Libras avoid confrontation. You love drama, but only at the theater, in life you hate it and will excuse yourself swiftly from people and situations that create it. Libra, you are a charming intellectual, the sensual beauty of the zodiac; you are the astrological Masters of Love.

When the Sun falls in Libra and your ruling planet is Venus, you have auspicious combination because the beautiful Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty is tempered by the Sun which brings forth life and gives Libra heightened energy levels and a sunny disposition. Have you ever wondered why Libras are so busy yet, happy and optimistic; well, now you know!

Your element is Air, which is flexible and rarely still. In Libra this element is cardinal, which means that they are driven, ambitious, energetic and always have a lot of projects in various stages of completion. They dislike hard work, but are great delegator,s and they share the spotlight of success. Air is intellect, communication and adaptable, and when paired with another air sign, conversation never lags. The influence of this element creates a desire, along with tremendous ability to solve puzzles and communicate with others.

Fridays are your luckiest day of the week with sunrise as your luckiest hour; your number is six. Soft Pinks and Teal, are your colors, and your astrological birthstone is the Opal, the symbol of hope and purity, which the Roman referred to as, Cupid Paederos, which means, Child as Beautiful as Love. The flowers associated with Libra are the happy Daisy, and the beautiful Rose.

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