About Leo
About Leo

Leo the Lion  

You certainly do not blend into the crowd. Leo is symbolized by the the King of the Jungle himself, the strong and brave Lion. Those born under this sign are lively, generous, lion-hearted, brave, ambitious, dramatic, dominant, romantic and highly magnetic. You love the finest things in life and have the ability to obtain every one of your desires. Leo is highly confidant and popular; you are seen as warm and friendly. Others look to you for direction, and you love being the one in charge; in every way, you are a great leader. You are dignified, yet opinionated, and sexy. Leo, you are the Master of the Zodiac, a true blueblood of astrological Royalty!

You are ruled by the Sun, the star that sits at the center of our universe, with our planet and the others revolving around it. Hmmm, go figure; this could be why everything on our planet revolves around you. You love to be the center of attention, and others are magnetically drawn to you, just as the planets are drawn to the sun, and like the Sun, people look up to you. The Sun's influence on Leo is beautiful; you are passionately hot, happy, warm and brighten everything and everyone on your path. On the other hand, when angered, you have a temper much like the flares of your ruling satellite; anyone wishing to make an enemy of you better beware, because solar fires burn hot. The Sun makes life possible, and you bring life to every project and every social event you are involved with, also, the Sun is not actually a planet, but a star, and you Leo, are very much a star!

Your element is obviously Fire, because you Leo, are HOT in every sense! Fire speaks of the dramatic burning passion you exhibit in all areas of your life. This element indicates pure, raw energy that's passionate, and with a great faith in one's own competency which gives power to your exceptional leadership abilities; although this great confidence may sometimes be mistaken for arrogance. You have a natural generosity and share both your finances and your time. Fire signs exhibit honesty and warmth.

Sundays are your luckiest day of the week with sunrise as your luckiest hour; your number is four. Gold is your color, and your astrological birthstone is the diamond. In Roman mythology, diamonds were considered the splinters from the stars that Eros, the God of Love had made into tips for his arrows. The flower associated with Leo is the Sunflower.

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