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Gemini, the Twins  

Those born under this sign are naturally adaptable to any situation or social setting they are faced with; Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac and difficult to understand because they seem to be in constant change.  

Symbolized by The Twins, it is common for Gemini to exhibit more than one personality.  Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable and their curiosity knows no bounds.  They are highly intellectual and great self-teachers with a deep fascination of trying everything at least once.

Gemini tends to constantly reinvent themselves, as they bore easily when stuck in one place for too long.  This is the sign of the charmer, whose popularity grows from their quick wit, likable personality and silly, playful grin.

Your ruling planet is Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, who governs commerce, profit, curiosity and messages. Mercury's influence bestows upon those born under your sign the highest levels of logic, a sharp intellect, an amazing flair for words, a quick wit and genius reasoning skills.  Haven't you noticed that your memory is able to hold vast amounts of information which you can easily recall at a later time to analyze? That's Mercury's gift to you. 

Your element is Air, which is flexible and rarely still.  In Gemini, this element is mutable, which means that it is always changing, like a chameleon.  Under the influence of Gemini and it's element Air, you have a flair for words and are a great orator so, communication skills are best displayed verbally. Air is intellect, communication and adaptable.  When paired with another air sign, conversation never lags.  The influence of this element creates a desire to solve puzzles,and communicate with others.

Wednesdays are your luckiest day of the week with early evening as your luckiest hours; your numbers are threes and twelves. Yellows and deep jade are your colors.  Your astrological birthstone is the beautifully striped agate.  The flower associated with Gemini is lavender.

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