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Cancer, the Crab  

It's all about the home and family, for this is the sign of The Great Mother.  You are kind, maternal and nurturing, and symbolized by the Crab, who is also fond of staying in his home.  Like the crab, you also try to blend into your environment and retreat to the safety of your shell when you feel threatened or hurt.  You are nurturing, highly intuitive, protective and comforting.  You are the astrological Teacher.   

Cancers are the Children of The Moon; in ancient days, the Moon was referred to as The Great Mother of the Sky.  It's no wonder that many of you either have, or want large families.  Your main focus in life is on your home and family, and you work hard to create a comfortable, cozy nest for your loved ones.  The Moon is a mysterious and feminine energy.  It affects our ocean tides and represents our subconscious. Diana the Huntress (the Virgin Goddess), rules over the Moon. 

Your element is Water, which influences the emotions.  This element indicates an acute intuition and heightened sensitivity.  You feel emotions deeply, it's rarely middle of the road for you, black and white with little to no gray.  You are never just alright; you are either deeply sad or exuberantly happy.  When hurt emotionally, you feel cut to the core and will retreat until you are able to cope with the pain.  It is because Waters are ruled by their emotions, and they feel them so deep, that they are among the most empathic in the zodiac.  As a Cancer, you are also highly nurturing and protective because you never want anyone (especially those whom you feel who need protecting), to feel the sting of emotional pain the way you do.  You want to wrap your arms around the world and bring comfort to the afflicted.

Mondays are your luckiest day of the week with evening as your luckiest hour; your numbers are threes and sevens. Your colors are violet and silver, and your astrological birthstone is the pearl.  Pearls are also known as Raindrops from Heaven.  In ancient times, it was believed that pearls were the heart of the oyster, and it was said that a pearl formed when a drop of rain fell from the Heavens and landed on it's shell.  The flowers associated with Cancer are the Larkspur and Accanthus.

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