About Aquarius
About Aquarius

Aquarius, the Water Bearer  

Aquarius is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and represented by the Water Bearer. You are the perfect ones to represent humankind in this Age of Aquarius and you are the philanthropic humanitarians. Aquarians are super innovative and very techie; they look for new ways of doing things so we can save time, energy and resources while also producing a better product or output. Kindness and high intellect, this is a wonderful combination and although they are always seeking to gain more knowledge from every source available to them, this also imparts wisdom on the rest of the signs through their inventions. In love, they are unpredictable and playful, and while they are not jealous, possessive nor needy, they do play for keeps. Aquarius, you are the astrological Masters of Vision.

Your ruling planet is shrewd Saturn, and named for Saturn, the God of Wealth and Abundance, and Uranus, God of the Sky. Uranus' influence is reactive; it celebrates change and innovation. It imparts a humanitarian, forward-looking dedication to progress, but it also is the aspect that gives you that edge of rebellion, which is a necessary trait if you wish make changes. Under Saturn's rule, Rome was so blessed, those living in that time-period referred to it as the era of The Golden Age. The blessing was from resourcefulness, and the dedication to hard-work; the abundance came from saving a portion of profit... and isn't the formula for wealth accumulation the same today? Saturn's influence instills a sense of duty and discipline, and those under Saturn's influence are instilled with great understanding, willpower and knowledge. Aquarians consider their ability to reinvent as their privilege, and because of this attitude, they create ways to improve our lives.

Your element is Air, which is flexible and rarely still. In Aquarius this element is fixed, which means that they are stable and determined. They always have a lot of ideas, many in various stages of fruition. They don't mind hard work, if that's what it takes to achieve and they are not afraid of trying new ways to freshen and improve old ideas. Air is intellect, communication and adaptable, and when paired with another air sign, conversation never lags. The influence of this element creates a desire, along with tremendous ability to solve puzzles and communicate with others.

Sundays and Saturdays are your luckiest days of the week with evening as your luckiest hour; your number is four. Blues and Grays, the colors of your ruling planets are also your colors, and your astrological birthstone is the Sapphire. Ancient civilizations believed that the world was set upon a giant sapphire and that the blue sky was the stone's reflection. It has been used as a Sailor's Guiding Star, and in modern times made famous as the wedding ring of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, now worn by Prince William, of the heir of the throne's wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. The flower associated with Aquarius is the beautiful, and highly prized Orchid.

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